Saturday, January 29, 2011



54. Some amount of water exists in the form of water vapour in the atmosphere. True or False
55. What is saline? Where is it found?
56. Where is fresh water found?
57. Availability of fresh water is same from place to place. True or False?
58. What is the condition of water availability in summer?
59. All cellular processes take place in a water medium. True or false?
60. Why do all organisms require water? Explain in detail.
61. Why do terrestrial life-forms require fresh water?
62. Learn the importance of activities 14.8 and 14.9.
63.What are the factors decided by the availability of water?
64. Is water responsible for the diversity of life? How?


65. Explain some ways through which water gets polluted.
66. What happens when water is released from dams?
67. What are the effects of water pollution?
68. What is the effect of the addition of undesirable substances to water bodies?
69. What is the effect of the removal of desirable substances from water bodies?
70. What is the effect of a change in temperature?


71. Soil is an important source that decides the diversity of life in an area. True or False?
72. What is soil?
73. How is soil formed?
74. How does the Earth's crust support the life-forms?
75. Is it possible for the life-forms to get minerals from huge rocks?
76. What are the factors or processes that make soil?
77. What is the part played by the Sun in the process of making soil?
78. How does water help the process of making soil?
79. How does wind help the process of making soil?
80. How do living organisms influence the formation of soil?
81. What are the particles that constitute the soil?
82. How is the type of soil decided?
83. How is humus a major factor in deciding the soil structure?
84. What are the factors that decide which plants can thrive on a particular type of soil?
85. What is called the topsoil?
86. The quality of the topsoil is an important factor that decides the ----------- in a particular area.
87. How is the soil structure destoyed by fertilisers and pesticides?
88. What are instrumental in making the rich humus?
89. How does the fertile soil turn barren?
90. What is called soil pollution?
91. What will happen if all the soil gets washed away?
92. ------------ of plants have an important role in preventing soil erosion.
93. How could deforestation affect us? 

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