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51. What are the atmospheric conditions that govern India's weather and climate  condtions?
52. India lies in the region of ------------------winds.
53. How do the north easterly winds decide the atmospheric condition of India?
54. what is Coriolis force?
55. What is the condition of pressure and wind during winter?
56. What are known a the Southwest monsoons?
57. Which monsoon brings wide rainfall over India?
58. What is the jet stream?
59. What do you know about subtropical westerly jet streams?
60. Jet streams blow south of the Himalayas -------------- except in ----------------.
61. What do you know about subtropical easterly jet streams?
62. Write notes on: Western Cyclonic disturbances.


63. The climate of India is strongly influenced by monsoon winds. True or False?
64. Who were the sailors who were benefited by the monsoons? How were they benefited?
65. The monsoons are experienced in the tropical area roughly between ------------- and ------------.
66. What are the five facts that are important to understand the mechanism of the monsoons?
67. Write notes on the differential heating and cooling of land and water.
68. Give notes on the shift of the postition of Inter Tropical Convergence Zone. (ITCZ)
69. What is monsoon trough?
70. What do you know of the preesence of the high-pressure area, east of Madagascar?
71. What is the result of the intense heat of Tibetan plateau in summer?
72. What are the jet streams that change the monsoon mechanism?
73. Write short notes on ITCZ.
74. How do the pressure conditions over the zouthern oceans affect the monsoons?
75. What is known as the Southern Oscillation or  SO?
76. Describe the El Nino movement.
77. What is ENSO?


78. The monsoon winds are ------------ in nature.
79. When and what is the duration of monsoon?
80. What is known as the burst of the monsoon?
81. When does the monsoon arrive at the southern tip of India?
82. What are the two branches of the mopnsoon?
83. Write notes on the Arabian Sea branch.
84. Write notes on the Bay of Bengal branch.
85. Where does the Arabian Sea branch monsoon arrive during by mid-June?
86. Where do the two branches merge?
87. What are the areas that receive rainfall through the Bay of Bengal branch?
88. Give a  detailed description of the withdrawal of monsoons.

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