Friday, October 22, 2010



1. What is climate?
2. What is weather?
3. What are the elements of weather and climate?
4. The elements of weather and climate are same / different...Choose the correct answer.
5. On what basis is the year divided into different seasons?
6. The word monsoon is derived from the Arabic word ------------------.
7. What is monsoon?
8. The climatic condition of India is described as ---------------- type.
9. In Asia monsoon type of climate is found in -------------- and ----------------------- parts.
10. What are the main elements that cause regional variation in climatic conditions within a country?
11. In summer temperature of Rajasthan is ----------------; at the same time the temperature of Jammu and Kashmir is -------------- and that of Thiruvananthapuram is --------------.
12. In the Thar desert the temperature may be -------------- during day time; the same day it might get reduced to ------------------.
13. During day and night there is hardly any difference of temperature in Kerala, Andaman and Nicobar islands. True or False?
14. What is the nature of precipitation in the upper part of Himalayas, when it rains all over the country?
15. What is the annual precipitation in Meghalaya?
16. What is the annuala precipitation in Ladakh and western Rajasthan.
17. India receives rainfall normally from ------------- to ---------------.
18. In tamil Nadu some coastal areas get rain from --------------- to -------------------.
19. Coastal areas experience less contrasts in temperature conditions. True or False?
20. Seasonal contrasts are more in the interior parts of the country compared to the coastal areas. True or False?
21. What is the difference in seasonal contrasts between the coastal areas of and the interior parts of India?
22. How has the climate variations changed the life style of the people?
23. What is the difference in the nature of the houses in Rajasthan and Tarai region in Goa and Mangalore?
24. Describe the nature of houses built in Assam.


25. What are the six major controls of the climate of any place?
26. Give an account of the latitudes.
27. Why does the temperature generally decrease from the equator towards the poles?
28. Give an account of the altitudes.
29. Why are the hills cooler during summer?
30. What do you know of pressure and wind system?
31. How can the pressure and wind system influence the temperature and rainfall pattern?
32. How does the sea exert a moderating influence on the climate?
33. Explain : the distance from the sea as a major control of the climate.
34. What is continentality?
35. Describe ocean currents as a major factor of the climate.
36. Why are most of the world's deserts located in the western margins of continents in the subtropics?
37. Describe relief as a major factor of the climate.
38. What are the barriers for hot and cold winds?
39. How do high mountains cause precipitation?
40. The leeward side of the mountains remain ------------------.



41. The Tropic of Cancer passes through the ------------- of the country from the --------------- in the west to --------------------- in the east.
42. Half of the country lying south of Tropic of Cancer is --------------- area.
43. Remaining area lying north of Tropic of Cancer is --------------- area.
44. India's climate has characteristics of both -------------- and --------------- climates.
45. Why does India have the characteristics of both tropical and subtropical climates?


46. India has mountains to the north which have an average height of -----------------.
47. India's has a ------------ coastal area.
48. The elevation of the coastal area is about ---------------.
49. --------------- prevents the cold winds from Central Asia from entering the subcontinent.
50. Why does India (subcontinent) experience mild winters than Central Asia?

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