Saturday, October 2, 2010

Trying to help out

Education modern more a term of acquiring more a term that refers to get more information....Rather it is reduced to the level of getting more and more marks....getting the topmost position...a matter of cut-off....getting admission in good colleges....earning money..

It is no more EDUCATION .....LEARN...EARN
It is just        EDUCATION.....EARN

This trend forces  a strange kind of situation where the parents and the children are forced to lay more stress on rote memory than the process of learning. As a result most of the students end up getting more marks and good postitions...but with less subject knowledge.

What is more important is that a student should get a thorough knowledge of what is explained in the text book...Thanks to CBSE...a system which emphasizes the complete reading of a given lesson. Of late all of us are noting the inevitable factor that in examinations, questions are asked from any nook and corner of a given is a challenge of course, but a challenge to be welcomed.

 A student of CBSE, by the end of Grade X could decide the future course of study. The basic principles of all the subjects are introduced already when Grade X gets completed.

This blog aims at ...
  • having a thorough study of the text book lessons with regard to subjects Social Science and Science.
  • to review the text book knowledge immediately.
The posts will include...
  • short and very short questions
  • questions  from II Term IX Grade Social Science and Science
How can you proceed?
  • divide any given lesson into smaller units..say paragraphs..
  • have a thorough study of unit by unit
  • take immediate review with the help of the questions given in this blog.

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