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54. On what principle was cricket organised in India in the beginning?
55. When and where  was the First Indian Club established in India?
56. How was cricket played in India through the eighteenth century?
57. Apart from fun, what all other reliefs were given by cricket?
58. Were the Indians considered to have talent in cricket? What was the reality?
59. What do you know of the origins of Indian cricket?
60. Who found the first Indian Club in Bombay? What was the name of the club?
61. Who funded the Parsi clubs?
62. Did the whites encourage the Parsis club?
63. What was the issue between the whites and the Parsis over the public park?
64. How did this dispute have a happy ending?
65. When did the Parsis beat the Bombay Gymkhana club?
66. Who was the famous Parsi in the Indian National Congress?
67. In what way did Parsi Gymkhana became a precedent?
68. What did the Hindus and muslims do in the 1890s for cricket?
69. The gymkhana cricket led to first class cricket being organised on ------------ and ----------- lines.
70. Describe the quadrangular tournament.
71. Today cricket is based on region or religion?
72. In the beginning cricket was based on region or religion?
73. When did the Quadrangular became a Pentangular?
74. What was the nature of the fifth team?
75. Why was the Pentangular tournament criticised?
76. How did Mahatma Gandhi condemn this Pentangular tournament?
77. What replaced the Pentangular tournament? When?
78. Pentangular tournament can be otherwise called ---------------- and it ended with the ----------.


79. Modern cricket is dominated by -------------- and ------------------ games.
80. Why are some players of the past always remembered and some players forgotten? Name some players who are remembered and who are forgotten.
81. Who was the country's first Test captain?
82. India entered the world of test cricket in the year ---------.
83. Which countries played the first test cricket match?


84. What is decolonisation?
85. When did it begin and how long did it last?
86. What was the result of decolonisation?
87. What was the state of ICC in the earlier years of independence?
88. Imperiacl Cricket Conference was changed to International Cricket Conference in the year ----------.
89. When was the status of equal membership achieved?
90. What was the policy of racial segregation followed in the game of cricket?
91. Why did India, Pakistan and West Indies boycotted South Africa?
92. Why were these countries not successful?
93. How did the new decolonised nations of Asia and Africa oppose South Africa?


94. The ---------- were the decade in which cricket was transformed.
95. Why was the year 1971 a landmark in cricket?
96. Who played the first one-day international? Where was it played?
97. When was the first world cup staged?
98. Why was it a great success?
99. When did cricket celebrated 100 years of Test matches?
100. The game had been changed a lot not by a ----------- or  -------------, but by a ----------------.
101. Who is Kerry Packer? How did he add more interest to the game of cricket?
102. What were the changes brought into the game of cricket after it started to be televised?
103. Why is cricket a marketable game?
104. How did cricket boards become rich?
105. How did cricketers emerge as celebrities?
106. In what other ways do cricketers make money?
107. How has television coverage changed cricket?
108. What all aspects created a global market for cricket?
109. Which country has the large viewership for the game?
110. Which is the largest market in the cricketing world?
111. Where was the headquarters of ICC? Where is it now?
112. What are the two advances in the field of bowling?
113. How are these two skills enabling a better game?
114. Why are these two skills considered illegal?
115. How did the Asian countries take away the fame of cricket from the Biritish and the Australians?

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