Monday, February 28, 2011



47. The proportion of the poor people is not the same in every state. True or False?
48. Name the states where poverty is still a serious problem.
49. Name the two poorest states. What is their poverty ratio?
50. Name the states where rural as well as urban poverty is high.
51. Name the states where there is decline in poverty.
52. How have these states reduced poverty?


53. How does World Bank define the proportion of people in developing countries living in extreme economic poverty?
54. What is the reason of decline of poverty in China and Southeast Asian countries?
55. Describe the state of poverty in Sub-Saharan Africa.
56. Describe the state of poverty in Latin America.
57. What is the international poverty line?
58. Write notes on the Millenium Development Goals.


59. How did the British government play a major role for the widespread of poverty?
60. How did the colonial policies affect handicrafts and textile industries?
61. ------------------- and ----------------- combined to make the growth rate per capita income very low.
62. How were the job opportunities created in the agricultural sector?
63. Were these job opportunities equally available throughout India?
64. In cities, what did people do when they could not find suitable jobs?
65. Why were they forced to live in slums?
66. How do the huge income inequalities lead to high poverty?
67. How could have the proper implementation of the land resources helped to reduce poverty?
68. What are the socio-cultural and economic factors responsible for poverty?


69. What are the two planks of the current anti-poverty strategy?
70. In the 1950s official poverty estimates were about ------------- percent.
71. Prove that there is a strong link between economic growth and poverty reduction.
72. Why are targeted anti-poverty programmes needed?
73. What is NREGA? When was it passed?
74. What are the features of NREGA?
75. What is NFWP?
76. What are the features of NFWP?
77. What is PMRY? When was it started?
78. What are the features of PMRY?
79. What is REGP? When was it launched?
80. What are the features of REGP?
81. What is PMGY? When was it launched?
82. What are the features of PMGY?
83. What is AAY?
84. What were the results of these programmes?


85. What is the official definition of poverty?
86. Why is eradication of poverty  a moving target?

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