Thursday, February 3, 2011



1. ------------ is one of the mot difficult challenges faced by independent India.


2. Who are consdiered poor?
3. Every ------------ person in India is poor.
4. Roughly -------------- crores of people in India live in poverty.
5. India has the largest single concentration of the poor in the world. True or False?


6. Be familiar with the living conditions of Ram Saran.(Urban case)
7. Note the economical and health conditions of his family.
8. Be familiar with the living conditions of Lakha Singh.(Rural case)
9. Note the economical and health conditions of his family.
10.From these two cases what do you think are the major factors that lead to poverty?
11. Where all are the poor people ill-treated?
12. What was Mahatma Gandhi's idea of true independent India?


13. What are the social indicators through which poverty is looked at?
14. What is the concept of social exclusion?
15. Social exclusion can be a cause as well as a consequence of poverty. Explain.
16. What is the effect of caste system over social exclusion?
17. Social exclusion does not only mean low is more than that. True or False?


18. What is vulnerability to poverty?
19. What are the factors that determine vulnerability?
20. On what basis is vulnerability analysed?


21. What is poverty line?
22. What do you mean by 'minimum level' of income?
23. Why does poverty line vary with time and place?
24. Why does all countries use imaginary line? Explain with an example.
25. How is poverty line determined in India?
26. What is the present formula for food requirement?
27. What is the accepted average calorie requirement in India?
28. Why are calorie requirements high in rural areas than in urban areas?
29. Why is the monetary expenditure per capita needed for buying calorie requirements periodically revised?
30. What is the difference in fixing poverty line for a rural and that of an urban area? Illustrate with an example.
31. How is the poverty line estimated periodically?
32. Who carries out the surveys of poverty line?
33. What is the interantional uniform standard for the poverty line used by the World Bank?


34. What is the nature of the poverty ratios in India in the years 1973 to 1993?
35. The percent of the proportion of people below poverty line increases year to year. True or False?
36. Give short notes on the latest poverty estimates.


37. Which are the social groups that are more vulnerable to poverty?
38. Which are the economical groups most vulnerable to poverty?
39. ---------- out of 100 people belonging to scheduled tribes are not able to meet their basic needs.
40. About ----------------- percent of landless agricultural workers are poor.
41. About ---------------- percent of scheduled castes are also poor.
42. What is the double disadvantage of the SC and ST?
43. What can you say about the inequality of income within a family?
44. Who are the poorest of the poor? Why?
45. Learn the story of Sivaraman.
46. Understand the living conditions of his family.

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