Thursday, February 3, 2011



51. What does age composotion refer to?
52. How is age composition one of the most basic characteristics of population?
53. According to age, how is population of a nation generally grouped?
54. What can you say of the category of children below 15 years?
55. What can you say of the working age 15 - 59 years?
56. What can you say of the aged above 59 years?
57. How does the percentage of children and the aged affect the dependency ratio?


58. Define sex ratio.
59. Why has the sex ration always proved to be unfavourable to females?
60. What is the sex ratio of Kerala, Pondicherry and Delhi?


61. What is the relationship between literacy and population?
62. Who is treated as a literate according to the Census?
63. Has the literacy rate of India improved?
64. Is the literacy rate same for male and female? Why?


65. What is referred to as occupational structure?
66. How are the occupations classified?
67. What are primary occupations?
68. What are secondary occupations?
69. What are tertiary occupations?
70. What are the occupations of the developed countries?
71. What are the occupations of the developing countries?
72. In India ------------- per cent of the population is engaged only in agriculture.
73. The proportion of population dependent on secondary sectors is -------------.
74. The proportion of population dependent on tertiary sectors is -------------.
75. What are the factors that favour secondary and tertiary sectors?

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